The Enlightened Life - 10 Hour Training

Manual and 10 Hour Online Training

The Enlightened Life Module

Yoga Teacher Training

Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training is intended for spirited individuals with a passion for yoga and a thirst for living a balanced life.

This 200 Hour training hours has been divided into four modules (50 Hours each), which contain all the fundamental elements required for your certification and registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT 200).

Download your Training Manuals for this Module here and complete 10 Hours of Training at your own pace.

Your Certificate for 10 Hours of your training will be issued online at the successful completion of this 10 Hour Self-Paced training.

Show your Certificate to your Trainer to let them know you have completed this portion of the Enlightened Life Module.  

10 Hour Self-Paced Curriculum

The Yamas and Niyamas

Explore the wisdom of a Yogic lifestyle through the Yamas and Niyamas, commonly called the do’s and don’ts of yoga.

These insights form the foundation of the Eight Limb Path, a series of yoga philosophies that provide useful guidelines to ground, inspire and enlighten you. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will also serve as a reference to assist you in threading the truths of these ancient teachings into your modern life.

Yoga Poses for Every Body

You'll look at 11 yoga poses as experienced by 5 models, each practicing taking care of their particular needs.

You'll be led through teaching the posture looking at anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, You'll also explore variations, modification, and alternatives and learn what to watch out for when you teach this pose.

Yoga Teacher Training with Aruna and Claire

Trainers: Aruna and Claire

The founders of Ambassador Yoga, Claire and Aruna bring a combined 40 years of yoga practice and teaching experience to this online training.

Come join in their candid conversations about these important aspects of becoming a yoga teacher.

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  • The Enlightened Life Module
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    Yoga Teacher Training

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  • PDF's of Manuals
  • 10 Hours Pre-Recorded Training
  • 40 Hours Training with Trainer

This Module Counts towards Your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate

"Nothing short of amazing.  The learning that was offering was made tangible through much practice."

Danusia Kosior

Yoga Teacher

I had a wonderful experience with Yoga Truly, Ambassador Yoga Teacher training. Claire is an experienced, passionate, knowledgeable, wise, patient, and kind teacher. We also had fun and I wish the training didn't end!
Donata Girolamo

Yoga Teacher

The Ambassador yoga program was a wonderful experience. The content was incredibly deep and thorough. The course has inspired me to continue with personal development and the study of yoga throughout my life. I would highly recommend this program.
Fay Sicinski

Yoga Teacher